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By completing this form you confirm you are over 18 years of age

and able to provide I.D. when requested.

Complete this form to enquire about a tattoo project no matter the size or budget.


Once you have a confirmed booking, you will be able to use the £50 to pay all or part of your deposit. Once you have received confirmation of booking, your friend will be notified of the successful referral.

All bookings are subject to a deposit and confirmation from the artist.


Confirmations will be supplied once design, budget and dates have been agreed.


All designs are unique to the client and will not be repeated nor will any artwork be copied without written consent from the original artist.

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    If you would like to send images,

    you can send these in reply to our email.

    Your request has been sent!
    We will get back to you asap

    Terms and Conditions

    • A successful referral is when the friend of the client has agreed the design, date and cost of their tattoo and have a scheduled appointment.

    • Discount is applied to the deposit when booking an appointment.

    • Minimum cost of tattoo is £150 before discount.

    • Referral discounts must be used before 31st December 2024. Appointment can be any time after this date.

    • The discount is only valid per appointment. They cannot be used collectively for a single appointment.

    • The source client can have unlimited successful referrals, but can only use 1 discount per appointment when booking.

    • Artist and shop reserve the right to cancel an appointment at any time.

    • There is no cash value to the referral scheme.

    • Cancelled referral appointment(s) whether by the client or the artist will warrant no cash refund and the discount will be cancelled for both clients.

    • Missed or “No Show” referral appointments will mean the discount for both clients will be cancelled.

    • If either client needs to reschedule their appointment for any reason, this must be done no less than 1 week before the appointment to keep the discount in place. Any rescheduling less than 1 week before their appointment will mean the appointment will be cancelled and discount removed.

    • This scheme is only valid with Alexander Russell / Rufio Tattoo. It cannot be used in connection with any other scheme or discount run by other artists in the shop(s) that Alex is working in.

    • The discount can only be applied to guest spots and resident appointments. It cannot be used at any other event.

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