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    Due to the ongoing pandemic the following restrictions are in place.

    ·      The front door will be locked. Please ring the bell and we will let you in


    ·      For the safety of yourself and others, please arrive alone. If you do not feel comfortable being tattooed alone, please advise your artist to reschedule your appointment for when safety restrictions have been lifted and we can accommodate a +1 


    ·      You will be asked to complete a disclosure form on arrival. This information is necessary to prevent further spread of infection


    ·      Do not come to your appointment if you feel unwell for any reason. We are more than happy to reschedule your appointment


    ·      You will be required to sanitise your hands and wear a face mask when entering the shop. We can provide a mask if you do not have one. All staff with have PPE at all times


    ·      You will be required to place all belongings in a box away from the working area


    ·      You will be requested to sanitise when entering and exiting the artists booth


    ·      We cannot offer refreshments during your visit. You will be allowed to hold a bottle of water only, please do not bring other drinks or snacks to the shop

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